Real Estate Marketing

Real estate marketing is one of the marketing science types, which is responsible for the success of a business and Many real estate companies, and the concept of real estate marketing is based on 3 stages that are summarized in the following:

  1. Finding the real estate opportunity,

  2. Promoting the desired property,

  3. Completing the sale deal provided that all parties are satisfied,

Many people can work in this field, especially those who work in real estate companies, offices of real estate agencies and developers

Finding Opportunity

Complete Deal

Promoting Property

Customer Satisfaction 


Real Estate Sale & Rental

Among the sectors that contribute to raising the economic level of any country is the commercial sector, where the economy of many countries is based on internal and external trade, and the areas and commercial trends of individuals vary, and trade in the real estate field is one of the profitable investments in the State of Bahrain, where many citizens and expatriates are looking for Bahrain real estate for sale.

The search for real estate for sale in Bahrain and lands for sale in Bahrain is a popular and well-known matter, especially in the labor market and the commercial market among traders, investors, owners of capital and businessmen. and other merchants.

Real Estate Development

Real estate development is a type of business such as repairing and renovating existing buildings or leasing them and even buying vacant lands and then selling the developed lands after that.

The form of real estate It is necessary to differentiate between real estate development and the construction industry,

The real estate developer buys the land, then finances the project, and in agreement with a construction contractor, the property is built

Real Estate Consultancy

Our advisory services to our clients identify all their real estate needs, along with developing strategies for their future requirements.

At Effect Real Estate, we provide professional advisory services by advising clients on investment activities in the local market and providing thoughtful recommendations by our experienced team.

Real Estate Valuation

We work at Effects Real Estate Company with our expertise and advanced knowledge in the field of real estate marketing, through the consultations that we provide to our clients, whether they are individuals or companies, through a work team that includes qualified experts who have accumulated experience in the field of valuation, marketing, and real estate management. Our method of doing real estate valuation is considered advanced as it It depends on a set of standards, factors and decisions that lead to the highest levels of efficiency.

Our method in the property valuation process is constantly reviewed in light of the constant changes and developments in the real estate market to maintain its efficiency, effectiveness and accuracy. It has been designed in a flexible way to be adjustable in line with the nature of the requirements of each real estate asset, and we are committed to following valuation standards.

We adhere to the Code of Professional Ethics of the Real Estate Regulatory Authority in the Kingdom of Bahrain, and we implement valuation reports according to sound, scientific methods. Our method includes:


The stage of research, investigation, and field inspection to collect data and information to serve the evaluation.

• The stage of data analysis and the possibility of using it for evaluation.

• Preparing the evaluation report (short report, detailed report)

• The final review stage for issuing the evaluation draft.

• A final stage for issuing the final report.


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